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El Joven Noble

El Joven Noble is a comprehensive healing-centered, indigenous based, youth leadership development program that supports and guides youth through their initial step of a “rites of passage” process while focusing on the prevention of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, relationship violence, gang violence, and school failure. El Joven Noble is a curriculum developed by the National Compadres Network.


Xinachtli (Nahuatl for germinating seed) is a gender-responsive, culturally-based rites of passage philosophy, process and curriculum that promotes healing, resilience and leadership capacity of Indigenous, Chicana, and Latina cis and trans girls and non-binary youth. The philosophy and curriculum was a response to the spiritual distress experienced by communities of color, reframing a new narrative of transformation healing and advocacy rooted in a gender, racial justice, anti-oppression framework. Based on indigenous principals of the individual’s interconnectedness to the family, the community, and nation.


Girasol (Spanish for sunflower) is designed to support educational institutions and community-based organizations goal to develop and implement a culturally based, trauma informed, healing based program for adolescent young women. This promising practice curriculum incorporates a healing informed, culturally responsive philosophy to embrace, engage and assist female youth to face life’s challenges in a healthy, pro-social way. It also focuses on reducing school suspensions and expulsions, increasing academic achievement and school completion and improving health outcomes for youth in general. Girasol is a curriculum developed by the National Compadres Network.

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