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Board of Directors

Angelina started Concrete Rose Coalition in August 2019 stemming from her passion of community work with system involved and system impacted youth, with upbringings similar to her own. Domestic violence, foster care, an incarcerated father and familial drug addictions left Angelina feeling like she had few paths to walk down growing up. After the loss of a foster brother to street violence and the birth of a younger sister, she decided to move forward to make her own path, despite many statistics and risk factors.  Experience in community organizing paired with her personal experiences, she prides herself in trust and relationship building within her cities under-served community. Angelina is a proud Chicana with indigenous roots in Chihuahua, Mexico. She whole-heartedly feels our youth need to see individuals from their own communities and lifestyles making positive impacts. She fully believes it takes the hood to save the hood.

Angelina is also a member on Santa Clara County's Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council SB823 Subcommittee and a member of Santa Clara County's Juvenile Justice Gender Responsive Task Force. She was the recipient of the 2022 Sharon Chapman Community Leadership Award and the was a recipient of the 2023 Unsung (S)hero Award presented by the Office of Supervisor Cindy Chavez. Angelina also was presented a commendation from Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors from Supervisor Susan Ellenberg and Supervisor Otto Lee, as well as a commendation from the U.S House of Representatives from Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. She is currently working towards becoming an attorney through her law apprenticeship and looks forward to taking the baby bar in 2024.

Angelina Rodriguez

Founding Executive Director

Analisa Ruiz

Vice President

Analisa Ruiz grew up in West Side San Jose, off Locust Street. She describes this is a place of hopes and dreams, despite how the world we live in has criminalized and condemned this space and those in it. Being systems-impacted, she's always wanted to fight for those who society has kept out of sight and out of mind. In 2016, Analisa began her career as mentor and advocate for youth in the juvenile justice system.


Today, she has found passion in prison and youth justice policy, serving as a Statewide Policy Director at the Young Women's Freedom Center. She graduated with an A.A in Sociology and an A.S in Administration of Justice from San Jose City College. Analisa is currently a student at San Jose State University, working towards her B.A in Justice Studies, with a minor in Sociology, as well as working towards  becoming a criminal defense attorney through her law apprenticeship. She plans to take the Baby Bar Exam in October 2023.


In her own words, Analisa is "the woman the younger me never believed I could be, whose loved ones didn’t always get the chance to be, but whose ancestors always knew I would be". Analisa has been a supporter of Concrete Rose Coalition since 2019 and has dedicatedly served as their Vice President since September 2021.

Ruby Rodriguez

Ruby Rodriguez was born, raised and still resides in San Jose. Inspired by her family's creativity, Ruby has been artistic since a young age. Saddened, and using art as a form of healing after the loss of a dear friend and fellow artist in 2013, Ruby unexpectedly transformed her healing outlet into a career. Combining her creativity and entrepreneurial skills, she has been a small business owner since 2018.

In addition, Ruby has obtained and held a corporate associate position since graduating her Project Management program and internship in July 2020.  Ruby has been an avid supporter of Concrete Rose Coalition since the early developmental stage and has served as their treasurer since January 2022.


Janelle Cordova

Janelle Cordova is the mother of three boys who continuously centers intentionality in her healing journey. She is a direct descendent of the Tübatulabal people and is an enrolled Tribal member. Janelle knows through her own experience that someone's past doesn't define their future and wants to create a community where young people know this and feel this just as much as she does.


Janelle is certified as a facilitator in two cultural rites of passage program and curricula, Xinachtli and Joven Noble. She has been a supporter of Concrete Rose Coalition before it had a name and has happily served as their secretary since January 2022.


Raylene Mancilla, also known in the community as Ray, grew up in many parts of The Bay Area with roots in DF, Michoacán. For a majority of their adolescence, and due to family separation, South Side San José was considered home. It wasn’t long after being displaced, that they knew what their mission in life was going to be; supporting families in staying united and in being emotionally capable of healing.

Becoming a parent at the age of 18, 20 and again at 23, was a challenge they didn’t see occurring in their future. However, they found pride and ambition in creating new, healthier experiences with their family. Currently raising three children and pets with their partner, Ray centers their parenting skills on many forms of communication and self-advocacy. They’re actively pursuing an A.A.T in Psychology and A.A in Liberal Arts with an Emphasis on Behavioral Sciences.


Ray’s long-term goal is to become a licensed therapist and hold healing spaces within their community. Meantime, they work in education with kids K-6 within the San Juan School District.

Raylene Mancilla

Social Media Chair

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